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TM-M-016-Graphite Mold-Star


The small and medium molds are the same size. The difference between the two are the size of the design face.

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Shallow patterns cut into a 6.5cm (2.5 in.) square piece of high quality pure graphite that is 2cm thick. These inclusion molds, like the texture pads, are specifically designed to allow the user to create designs within hot glass. The designs are cut to a depth of 2mm and leave a beautiful raised pattern in the glass. The shallow cut makes it easy to eliminate bubbles from forming when layering glass on top. Each pattern layer can be enhanced by fuming metals (such as silver or gold) onto the surface, and this pattern can be ‘included’ by layering another piece of glass over the surface of the pattern. The fumed pattern remains very visible inside the glass. In this fashion, layers of patterns and colors can be built up by the glass artist. They work well for boro and soft glass, and allow the user to create layers of colored or fumed ‘included’ patterns into the glass.


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